New Solar Energy Technology

As of 2010 there are a number of new technologies in the Solar Energy Field.
For the most part, using the benefits of research on high efficiency solar cells, efficient electronics, and KVAR units makes having solar power in your home better for everyone. These new solar energy technologies are sure to save you money as well as keep the lifestyle and convenience of your old power system.

High Efficiency Cells:

The benefits of Moncrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar panels are made from silicon wafers cut from multi-crystal silicon (they are also known as multicrystalline panels) and are also more efficient than amorphous panels. Polycrystalline panels are usually smaller than monocrystalline panels but are slightly less efficient. These panels are used for small-medium scale solar applications.

Polycrystalline panels are excellent for all small solar applications like RV's and 4WD's. Larger polycrystalline modules are also suitable for domestic and business solar installations. Their efficiency is around 12% and do suffer from reduced output when partially covered by shade. Polycrystalline panels are produced by a range of brands and come in a variety of wattage to suit various applications.

Polycrystalline modules come in both 12 volt modules to cater for 12V power systems and 24 volt modules for larger installations. They can be linked in parallel to maintain a 12V/24V system or can be linked in series to create a higher voltage system. These modules have proven performance at high temperatures and generally feature a robust design makes the product durable in the field and easy to install.

A polycrystalline solar panel is made from a block of silicon that has multiple crystals. These panels are square in shape, and may have a surface that looks somewhat like a mosaic due to all of the different crystals that make up the panel. Other types of panels may appear smooth and even, because they are made up of only silicon crystals, whereas the Polycrystalline looks fragmented and angular. The lifespan of a polycrystalline cell is a minimum of twenty-five years and can be more than fifty, making them a worthwhile investment for long term use.


Centro Solar


Engineered and manufactured according to strict German standards The CENTROSOLAR E-Series is made with high quality materials, including top branded EVA, triple-layer back sheet and hightransparency low-iron impact-resistant tempered glass, ensuring top performance over time. In order to generate higher power output per module, the E-Series utilizes polycrystalline high-efficiency silicon cells in an optimal configuration. This allows unique advantages, including reduced installation and balance-of-system costs. The CENTROSOLAR E-Serie smeets the highest industry standards and resists rigorous climates´┐Żice, hail, snow, high wind, humidity and intense heat.

Trina Solar

Currently the most popular panel produced by Trina Solar. Versatile and adaptable, with power output ranging from 220 to 240Wp, the TSM-PA05 panel is perfect for large-scale installations, particularly ground-mounted and commercial rooftop systems. Using reliable and carefully selected components that are tested at the Trina Solar Center of Excellence, this panel comes with a 25-year performance guarantee of 80% power production.

Conergy Solar

The Conergy PowerPlus modules provide reliably high yields and long-term durability and reliability. Designed and manufactured by Conergy, the PowerPlus modules are constructed of only the highest quality materials to precise and exacting standards. The modules are built in Conergy's own highly advanced, fully automated and vertically integrated manufacturing facility. This unique, self-contained facility does everything from processing silicon ingots into wafers to final module assembly and framing using high-strength frames designed and produced by Conergy. Conergy continuously measures, monitors and controls quality to consistently high levels at every step of the process. The result is a photovoltaic module with exceptional yield, efficiency and durability. These characteristics are reflected in Conergy's strong product and performance warranties assuring your investment in the Conergy PowerPlus will be secure.

Efficient Electronics

A solar electric system is like a mini power plant on your roof.  Producing the energy right where you need it is smart and efficient.

Installing a solar system reduces your dependence on foreign energy sources.  Before a power plant can even begin to produce electricity, it needs fuel.  And, most of the fuel we use in the U.S. comes from outside our borders.

The U.S. currently imports the majority of its energy supplies and imports more energy every year.  This means we’re becoming more and more dependent on foreign energy sources and funneling more and more money overseas, which affects both our natural security and our economy.

Plus, when you use energy from the grid, it’s transported from the power plant to you over hundreds of miles.  In that process, as much as 10% of the energy is lost as heat.  Powering your home with solar means you aren’t wasting any energy or money because virtually all the solar power you make is funneled into your home.

Using solar power from your roof is the best way to meet your own energy needs without relying on brown power from the utility or foreign energy sources.

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