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Latest Solar Energy News

�   Now is the time! Solar power installed in your home can save you money and helps your environment. Arizona Utility companies are offering rebates to lower the out-of-pocket costs on your solar power install.
�   Federal Government Rebates in 2010! The Federal Government is offering fantastic rebates including a tax credit for your solar purchase. The State of Arizona also offers a generous tax credit. These credits are available to you through the year 2016.

Learn about Solar Energy in Arizona!
Solar Energy can make your life better! Imagine being able to produce energy on a daily basis from the sun and not depending on an electric company! Arizona is the Valley of the Sun and the technology for producing solar energy for homes is here! Save on your bills every month and even get a credit from your electric company.
Solar Energy Housing Installs Are Available!

Get a Professional, Certified Solar Installer.
Each of our solar energy systems are installed by a professional & certified solar installation company. Yes, there is actually a certification that you need to have these systems installed! Don't risk it with anyone - give the professionals a call. We have the very best in Arizona Solar energy systems.

Meet in Person with a Sales Representative!
Call today or e-mail us and we will arrange for one of our professional sales representatives to come to your home! He or she will evaluate your needs and help find the right system for you!

We offer Financing of the Installation and Government Rebates!
Financing of your solar energy installation is available. We will keep you up to date on the latest information for utility rebates and Federal & State tax credits.

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We're here to answer your questions and get you set-up with the best solar energy system for your needs.

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